“anything is possible in your life”

I speak to motivate and create new energy of high school students, college students and military personnel. We all need a boost when we are faced with a new life segment. My experience and ability to connect to audiences brings the message alive.

What sets me apart? I am a highly decorated service member with a passionate story to tell from my military background. I have countless stories of hardship tours of being overseas in Iraq, Afghanistan, which enable me to be a massive motivator in guiding people to get their lives in order.

My tools for success are used as a gateway in helping others understand that their dreams are very possible.  I am going to fulfill my promise in this life to helping individuals tap into the lifeline of success by becoming successful.

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Be 4 Filled 4 High School Students

L-Living I- In V- Visionary E- excellence

Live is a dream maker’s choice to go beyond the fears of life. It takes positive influence to push through the hard times that teenagers face. We all have setbacks trying to achieve our goals, but in the words of Willie Jolly “a setback is a setup for a comeback.”

Students will learn:

  •        Dealing with Fear, Rejection, Burden
  •        Overcoming peer pressure
  •        Become effective student leader
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Be 4 Filled 4 College Students

Change Maker

Change Maker is all about changing culture and making a difference. This session will allow students to develop leadership skills and be a Change Maker. Students will develop the willpower to turn non-believer into believer, inspire other students to buy into the vision of success and rally others for motivational positive thinking.

Students will receive:

  •        Education on how to avoid college burnout by creating a Student Development Plan
  •        Motivational tools that will help other peers and how to lead with passion
  •        Knowledge on how to inspire their performance, bring out the best in people and create team building for any environment
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Connection to Success for Corporate Business

No matter what you think, you are closer to Being-4filled than what is expected. Forget about the other competitors and the economy. This is your time to embrace the moment and stand out!! Don’t worry yourself about listening to what other individuals who have become distracted over their own welfare.

Some may choose to be complacent, but you can be that high octane leader that rises above and inspires fellow workers to live the dream and follow your lead. Connection to Success is a system to help you get unplugged and increase your morale, confidence and productivity.

Connection Leaders will receive:

  • Creating a team strategic plan helping everyone understand the main focus of TEAM
  • Time Management Training
  • How to inspire fellow individuals and sharing their true feeling
  • Commitment, Clarity, Confidence
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Be 4 Filled 4 Military Personnel 

Battle Ready

The world may say that you have to come from a certain background just to be successful. Well, that’s not true, nor is that the case! No matter what part of life you’re from, anything is possible, so reach for limitless opportunities. Stretch out to believe in your purpose, so let’s turn your world into greatness and seize the moment for full potential.

Veterans will learn:

  •        Rise above past circumstance and stay focused on goals
  •        Power of Networking
  •        Position themselves for unlimited opportunities
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